Final round of the European Rally Championship

Just two days before the rally, we received confirmation from the manager of one fast driver from Poland, Alexander Zawada. Few rounds ago, Alex even led the junior championship class U27, but later lost the lead. This rally was supposed to put the points over and, because the driver retained the chances of climbing the podium.

Despite the fact that our car has just finished the previous rally in the Russian Rally Cup, we did not refuse this opportunity and, realizing all responsibility, the efforts of the whole team managed to prepare our Peugeot 208 R2 for such an important and complex rally as ERC Rally Liepaja. Unfortunately, the driver did not have the opportunity to conduct large enough tests to tune in to ride on slippery gravel, since Alex has a lot of experience in asphalt rallies, but in his entire life drove just a few gravel events. In addition, the weather gave an unpleasant surprise: a few days before the rally was heavy rain, which almost did not stop and during the rally. Because of this, the roads were very slippy.

To drive a car in such conditions is a very difficult task. For many, finishing is already a victory. Because of the lack of full tests before the rally, Alexander could not immediately find the right speed and a few specials stages of the first day showed the times only in the middle of the list of results in class U27. But already in the morning of the second day the crew greatly accelerated, and the results became noticeably better. Unfortunately, in such conditions, the guys did not manage to climb to the podium, but they showed high speed and reliability, as well as the best fighting qualities.

We are glad that we once again had the opportunity to prepare a fast and reliable car for such complex competitions as the European Rally Championship, and also to provide its service at a high level, which was appropriately appreciated by European crew!

Rally "White Nights" - final step to the Championship

The 5th stage of the Russian Rally Championship "Rally White Nights 2017 "brought the crew of Dmitry Myachin and Alexander Gorlanov victories and the title of champions in the class R2.
To this race, the team of Thomas Beton racing came in it's best comdition. The mechanics perfectly prepared the cars, and the pilots gained the necessary form. But already on the pre-start tests the second crew of the team got into an accident. Mechanics for two days heroically engaged in the restoration of the car, but on formal grounds, the car was never allowed to start, which slightly overshadowed the general mood of the team.

- The race in Karelia has become for me the most difficult in the season. I performed here in the summer for the second time, - says Dmitry Myachin. - The difficulty was that the fatigue accumulated over the last months prevented them from concentrating, it was hard to go quickly and accurately. And the cunning stones sticking out of the road did not forgive the inaccuracies. At the same time, the average speed on the twisty gravel stages reached 130 km/h. On the first day we managed to gain a foothold in third place. It remains only to stay on it to create the necessary separation from the main opponent and become champions ahead of schedule.
On the second day in the race, a team struggle for leadership between the pilots of the Lada Sport team began. As a result, Evgeny Sukhovenko, Dmitry Myachin's opponent in the fight for the championship, rolled over and, losing a lot of time, skipped forward several cars at once. This played into the hands of the Thomas Beton racing team and the crew of Dmitry Myachin and Alexander Gorlanov finish first on their Peugeot 208 R2.



















- We went to this victory for a long time. And although the championship of Russia is not over yet, we can finally relax, because no one can catch us in the fight for the championship. On the points scored, we became the Champions of Russia in the rally of 2017 in R2 class. And the final stage, which will be held in August in the Sverdlovsk region, nothing will change. But the season did not end there. The team plans to go on several rallies to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to maintain and grow skills.
In the next season, drivers of the "Thomas Beton racing" team do not plan to participate regularly in the Russian championship, but will conquer new stages in the Baltic States and in Europe. Moreover, Peugeot 208 R2 cars, on which they perform, remain very competitive in their class.

Hot days in Poland

On the last weekend in Gdansk (Poland) rally Rajd Gdanski was held. In this rally at the steering wheel of the Thomas Beton racing's car first time was multiple rally champion of Poland Jan Hmelevsky.
"We were faced with the task of preparing the car for the rally and conducting high-quality and prompt service during it," said team leader Dmitry Myachin.

All the basic settings of the Peugeot 208 R2 were made the day before during training sessions. Then the driver was able to get acquainted with a new car for himself and to work out the technique of driving.The car passed all necessary checks without any problems and was ready for the rally. The driver and c-driver was to overcome 137 km of special stages passing through the forest and field, with jumps and turns. As a result of the rally, the car successfully finished and riders took first place in its class.- In spite of the fact that there were only 4 servicing in the course of the rally, it was not easy for the team: complicated logistics plus dry and hot weather demanded endurance both from people and from cars, - Dmitry tells. - Nevertheless, everything went well. We are satisfied with the first experience with the Polish racer and are ready to return here again.

Russian Rally Championship 3rd round

In the Pskov region the rally "Surgutneftegaz Pushkinskie Gory 2017" was held. At the start of the third stage of the Russian Rally Championship came out two crew of the team Thomas Beton racing on cars Peugeot 208 R2.
Sunny and dry weather allowed to make beautiful photos, but on this the advantages of complete "calm" ended. Dust from passing cars did not have time to settle, visibility deteriorated, departures from the route began. According to Dmitry Myachin (the pilot of the first car of the team), he had to go almost blind, focusing only on the transcript and his own intuition.

On the first day Dmitry's crew finished on both high-speed sections. On the first was a slight lag (4 seconds) from the main rival - the pilot of the factory team Lada Sport Evgeniy Sukhovenko. But in the second special stage, Evgeniy did not get into a corner and flew off the track. The same fate overtook the second crew of Thomas Beton racing. However, in the latter case, the mechanics managed to repair the car overnight and release it for the race the next morning.
After seven high-speed sections of the second day with numerous jumps and a high average speed, the race was able to finish twenty-three cars. Among them are the crew of the team Thomas Beton racing. Driver Dmitry Myachin and co-driver Alexander Gorlanov finished seventh in the overall standings among all declared cars. In their class they took first place and broke into the leaders of the championship.

- Thanks to a successful performance, we are ahead of the points of our main rival. But this is only the equator of the championship, - said Dmitry Myachin. - There are three more races ahead and the next one will be held in the Rostov region - at the birthplace of Evgeniy Sukhovenko. So we celebrate the victory for a short time and continue training to strengthen our leadership positions.

Video from pre-season team testing